RAC TrackExpress

RAC TrackExpress is a flexible and comprehensive logging and tracking software solution for federal audit program reviews.

Our program offers:

  • Seamless integration with Trackstar's Savannah Systems ROI, providing one point of entry, copy request turnaround, and invoicing processes.
  • Track each step of each review from start to finish.
  • Stay on top of critical deadlines and identify bottlenecks with filtered reports.
  • Identify potential review triggers with administrative level reports providing information about review trends, dollars at risk, and recovery statistics.
  • Customizable letters can be generated individually, or in bulk, based on a filter.


RAC Trackexpress

Additional features include:

  • Internal notes maintained at the patient, requestor, review, and action levels.
  • Reminder, alert, and "deadline not met" notices can be mailed to the responsible party to aid in strict adherence to the timelines.
  • FedEx and UPS delivery status can be easily tracked to confirm shipment deliveries or identify issues requiring followup.
  • Data imports and exports, real-time or batch, can be customized for your facility as needed.

Let us show you how RAC TrackExpress can work with your management team to aid in complying with all audits.